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Narrow Beam Pusher Tug

Narrow Beam Pusher Tugs

A whole new breed of specially designed narrow beam tugs and barges have been built to dramatically improve the working conditions of staff, offering much improved flexibility and operational efficiency.

Manor Marine has constructed and completely fitted out 23 pusher tugs, the first project undertaken for Canal & River Trust (previously British Waterways).

Hull construction and the entire fitting out process was built in Manor Marine's Portland workshops on a production line basis. The fully developed, double chine, steel hull has a length of 6.00m, beam of 2.07m, a depth of 2.57m, draft of 0.73m and the finished craft weighs 4.8 tons fully loaded (ready for work).

Each tug is powered by a Beta Marine Green Line, BETA 39 BD1703 (fully marinised Kubota) three cylinder diesel engine developing 39bhp at 2,800 rev/min, chosen for its low exhaust emissions. The engine is keel cooled and drives a four blade, manganese bronze propeller of 457mm diameter via a hydraulic drive incorporating a 3:1 reduction. Mounted transversely, the engine drives the main propulsion fixed displacement hydraulic pump, one Iskra A127 70amp alternator, one 110 volt AC alternator/ generator and is fitted with a calorifier for vessel heating.

A water cooled exhaust manifold is fitted along with a dry exhaust system and 'hospital' standard Halyard silencer. The latter, in conjunction with a well-insulated machinery space, gives the vessels a very low noise signature underway and while moored.