Jenkins Marine

50 m


Flat Type Barge

JML 50

Jenkins Marine requested Manor Marine to undertake the task of replacing 200m²  of the working deck on their JML 50 barge.  The JML 50, is a swim-ended, rectangular, flat top deck cargo barge with a cargo compacity of 1300 tonnes.  It has two spud legs for precise position holding, and a shallow draft suitable for working in close to shore.  

Having a high cargo capacity and large workable deck area makes the JML 50 ideal for large construction items, marine projects, bulk cargo and heavy plant.  Over the lifetime of the barge and having transported numerous types of cargo, the deck plate had suffered damage to various areas on the AFT end of the barge. To enable a complete refurbishment of the damaged decking, internal longitudinal frames, Transverse frames, bottom plate, webs and bulkheads the barge was slipped at our facilities on Portland.