Environment Agency - Wide Beam Tug

Manor Marine have built a Work Barge and Wide Beam Tug for the Environment Agency that have been designed for all year operation on the rivers and watercourses in the Kent and South London area.


The tug is to be used as a pusher tug, suitable for pushing pontoons and barges as appropriate. The tug is 6m Long by 2.7m Wide.


Desmi Ro-Clean

14m Workboat - Lom Pangar 1

Lom Pangar 1

Manor Marine have just completed the build of the 14m steel single chined mono hull workbarge "Lom Pangar 1" for Desmi Ro-Clean.

The 14m Work Barge has principal dimensions of :

Length Moulded : 14.00 metres

Beam moulded : 4.50 metres

Depth moulded 1.13 metres

Draft light : 1.10 metres

Powered by twin Yamaha 100hp four stroke outboards, the Lom Pangar 1 will be employed on general work duties on a dam reservoir currently being built in Cameroon.

The dam is located some 300 miles inland from the main sea port of Douala.

Lom Pangar 2

A Fassi 10m reach crane mounted forward enhances the vessels usability and is powered by a Geminiani Perkins power pack.



River Tug

Manor Marine built and delivered a 12.95m River Tug to British Waterways.

The multi-purpose river tug is suitable for towing, pushing, plough, dredging, surveying and lifting. The main dimensions of the river tug are :

Length Overall ( Hull ) : 12.95m

Length BP : 11.80m

Breadth Moulded : 4.00m

Amidships Depth Moulded : 2.25m

Draft : 1.50m

Air Draft : 3.35m

Fuel Capacity ( Approx. ) : 4000 Litres

Fresh Water Capacity ( Approx. ) : 500 Litres

Grey Water Capacity ( Approx. ) : 500 Litres

Bollard Pull : 3.5 Tonnes

Free Running Speed : 7.0 Knots

River Tug

Areas of Operation will cover rivers and canals in Scotland and England with occasional coastal passage between canal systems. The River tug is capable of pushing dumb barges/hoppers of 150/180 Tonnes in weight.

The vessel is of a double chine construction with a transom stern and raked soft nose stem, featuring twin screws with a centre skeg aft. Accommodation is provided for a crew of 2, with LSA for 6. The river tug was built to MCA small commercial vessel and pilot boat code of practice Category 2 area of operation.


Narrow Beam Tug

Whilst these are the smallest vessels that Manor Marine have built to date, they are quite complex and compact which made for a challenging fit out. The delivery time for the 23 vessels was very tight (one completed every 10 days), but this was met by a combination of the skills and work ethics of our labour force, and the professional and " can do " attitude of our management team.

The narrow beam tugs double chine, steel hulls have Principal Dimensions of : length of 6 metres, a beam of 2.07 metres, and a depth of 1.066 metres. The tugs were fitted with a modern propulsion system with a 39 hp diesel engine with low noise / emissions and a hydraulic drive, which were specified to meet all applicable environmental standards.

The British Waterways tugs have an enclosed cabin capable of carrying 3 people and incorporate an elevating mechanism to enable the skipper to see over high loads. They have seperate washing and toilet facilities for the crew, with hot and cold water for hand washing. Also included is a flushable toilet with a waste water and sewage storage tank.

Narrow Beam Tug

The vessel's dimensions enable the tug to turn within the width of a canal and push hopper barges from either end, alleviating the problem of having to turn around using 'winding' holes.

To aid mobilisation all craft must be of a common gauge and able to work anywhere on the waterways network. A new latching system allowing the tugs and narrow hoppers to connect by remote control, have been incorporated to be compatible with future wider craft. Winches are provided for connection to older hoppers without a latching system.


Wide Beam Tug

The wide beam tugs double chine, steel hulls have Principal Dimensions of : length of 6 metres, a beam of 2.73 metres, and a depth of 1.25 metres, with an operating draft of 0.850 metres.

The wide beam tug is suitable for use on the canals of the United Kingdom, where the width is greater than 2.7 metres. The tug is principally used as a pusher tug, suitable for pushing British Waterways narrow beam, wide beam and where appropriate river vessels.


A range of anti-pollution workboats for Desmi Ro-Clean of Denmark have been constructed by Manor Marine.


10.5m Pollcat

10.5m Pollcat

Manor Marine have manufactured various 10.5m Pollkitten Anti-Pollution vessels for Desmi Ro-Clean. Powered by twin Yanmar 4JH5E 54 HP marine diesel engines and fitted with Desmi Ro-Clean's proprietary Oleopathic Oil Mop System.

Designed as a smaller, more versatile version of the Pollcat, the Pollkitten has the same type of oil recovery technology and storage for around 10 Tonnes of recovered oil. The Pollkitten has a recovery rate of up to 25 Tonnes per Hour at up to 4 Knots vessel speed.

The vessel is equipped with an onboard diesel Hydraulic pack and a 30m/Hr oil transfer pump. Propulsion is optional and can be either inboard diesel or outboard motors. Manor Marine has constructed several of these vessels to Lloyds Register, and one has been constructed to RRR (Russian River Rules).


13m Pollcat

Pollkittens are suitable for harbour, sheltered terminal and inshore duties being designed to handle the "typical" bunkering size of incident where rapid response is required.


Golden Jubilee

The 10 Metre Pollcraft has a range of 100 miles, powered by 2 x 61 hp engines. The vessel is an anti-pollution vessel, for the deployment of booms and removal and storage of oil and debris from the water. The recovered oil can be retained on the vessel in an internal tank, to be pumped ashore when required. The vessel has a recovered oil capacity of approx 10m³.

The vessel is robust and has good manoeuvrability characteristics in all conditions of loading, both ahead and astern. The vessel was commissioned to be used in sheltered waters and harbours in West Africa. Designed for service in tropical climates, high humidity, and high temperatures of both air and seawater.


12m Pollcat

Twin Doosan 200hp marine diesel engines give in excess of 9 knots and the vessels 1900 litre fuel capacity gives a theoretical range of better than 800 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 8 knots. Highly manoeuvrable and boasting a 5.50 metre beam, this variant of Pollcraft offers a very stable working platform and large deck.

The F65 Fassi deck crane lifts a generous three quarter tonne at 5 metres. A capacious 10 cubic metre recovered oil tank and a 12kw Beta generator are also fitted to this capable all round vessel.

7.7 Metre Workboat :


The 7.7 Metre Aluminium workboat was designed to satisfy the requirements of the MCA workboat code, Categories 4,5 & 6.

It weighs approximately 1,600kg and features navigational equipment, full fendering, side bench seating and a clear load deck. Powered by a Ford FSDTI 140hp diesel engine driving a Castoldi 238 water jet, the unladen craft has achieved a speed of 30 Knots during trials.

Single Buoy Mooring Vessel :


This aluminium workboat was built by Manor Marine for Elf Petroleum.

The workboat is powered by twin Caterpillar 3306 diesel engines utilising Castoldi waterjets.


The workboat has a top speed in excess of 30 knots.



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