Desmi Ro-Clean Pollcats

Manor Marine - 15.5m Pollcat Tharys

A range of anti-pollution vessels have been constructed by Manor Marine for Desmi Ro-Clean. Manor Marine built the 19m Pollcat Daphnia and the 15.5m Tharys for Desmi Ro-Clean.

Both Pollcats have been deployed to South America.



Manor Marine built and delivered the 19m Pollcat "Recovery 1" for work in Nigeria. The 19 Metre Pollcat vessels are classed by Lloyds Register to their SSC rules.

The hull form is an asymmetric catamaran with a ZRV, (Zero Relative Velocity) mop system suspended between the hulls. The Polypropylene mops rotate to suit the forward speed of the vessel, effectively 'sitting' in the water soaking up the oil spill.

Recovery 1

The Pollcat also has a 5 Tonne-Metre deck crane, boom deployment reel for containment of an oil spill and onboard storage for around 40 Tonnes of recovered oil.

Four Pollcats were constructed and delivered to Greece by Manor Marine for the Hellenic Coastguard.

Hellenic Pollcats

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