Slipways, Berths & Synchrolift

Manor Marine - 19.5m Passenger Ferry "Ali Cat" Launch

Manor Marine have constructed a custom hydraulically operated launching pad to launch vessels straight from the main workshop.


The launching pad utilizes a trolley on rails system pulled and pushed by a bespoke hydraulic ram system and is capable of launching vessels up to 40 metres in length.



Manor Marine has two open slipways utilising two slip trolleys capable of hauling vessels up to 40 metres in length, 20m beam and 350 tonnes in weight out of the water for maintenance and repairs.



Smaller vessels up to 60 Tonnes can be raised out of the water by the Synchro lift and transported straight into the 50m x 42m undercover workshop or into its own individual undercover work bay.


Manor Marine has its own secure berthing facilities comprising of a 200 metres long waterfront with a low water minimum depth of 4 metres.


There is access to waterside craneage and shore power which allows alongside repair and maintenance.

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