Manor Marine - Site Facilities

A fully equipped machine shop allows Manor Marine to produce fittings and parts that may be unique to the customer requirements. Woodworking, to cabinet making standards is available to provide full fitting facilities. Forklifts, cranes and a trolley system on tracks allow large structures to be manoeuvred in and out of covered areas to access specialist hangars for the manufacture and / or repairs to be completed.

Manor Marine

The following list of Workshops & Facilities are available:

50m x 42m Undercover Workshop.

Fitters Workshop.

22m x 20m Undercover Welding, Fabrication and Sheet Metal Workshop.

Electrical Workshop.

Sawmill and Joiners Workshop.

Upholstery Workshop.

Fuel Injection Workshop.

Blacksmiths Workshop.

Clean room Workshop ( Dedicated to Engine rebuilds and Hydraulic repairs ).

Profiling Facility : 8mx3m sheets up to 150mm thick. Oxy Propane and Plasma.

UHP and Painting facility.

Large secure store facility.

Portable welding equipment (TIG, MIG, MMA).

Portable cutting and gauging equipment (Gas, Plasma and Carbon Arc).

Forklifts and cranes.

Site Facilities 4

Site Facilities 1

Site Facilities 3

Site Facilities 2

Floating Plant:

Site Facilities 5

Chimera Tug / Work boat (with portable laboratory facility and HIAB).

Beaver Work Boat

Trials Barge (MTV3).

Site Facilities 6

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