Refit & Maintenance

Manor Marine service a wide variety of vessels, both on site and abroad.

St. Piran

Manor Marine's highly trained workforce have travelled extensively throughout Europe covering a variety of projects..

Whilst some work is undertaken in UK ports, teams have travelled to Athens ( Greece ), Gibraltar, Aarhuus, Grenna and Frederica ( Denmark ), and Paloma ( Sicily ), to overhaul engines and install or repair parts of the structure of the vessels.


Our engineers, painters and welders have also made frequent trips to Cyprus carrying out refits and repairs for The Ministry of Defence. This is similar work to that undertaken on our own slipways, but meticulous forward planning is needed to ensure that all materials and equipment arrive on time to meet MoD deadlines.

Royal Marine Launch

Welders have flown out to vessels off the African coast to carry out specialised repairs. Other installations of various equipment and machinery have taken place in Keel ( Germany ), Rotterdam ( Holland ), Ostend ( Belgium ), Bordeaux and St. Malo ( France ) and the Channel Islands.


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