Temporary Offshore Power Pods

Manor Marine have been contracted by MRE Ltd to fabricate and assemble 20 temporary power pods.

Genset Genset

The pods are being supplied to a German offshore windfarm project to support a temporary power requirement.
The Generator Temporary Power Pod has a 2000ltr tank and is designed for carriage offshore. It's modular design allows for the tanks to be lifted to and from a transition piece on an offshore windfarm.
Welding is to EN 287 Lloyds Register approved standard and the appropriate EN standards.

Each Pod is built to meet the requirements of:

• BS799 – Part 5 – 2010;
• EN13852-1 (2014) As far as applicable;
• EN12079-1 (2006) As far as applicable

Each complete unit complies with LOLER requirements for lifting and with relevant IMDG requirements for carriage within Europe.

The combined weight of the Tank, Generator, Transformer and fittings is approximately 3 tonnes, and 4.8 tonne loaded. The units can be lifted empty, full or part-full.

Assembly is very simple and can be achieved quickly with a forklift capable of lifting 1500kg. Each unit is delivered fully assembled and functional ready for use.
All 4 lifting points are independently tested to 2.00x the SWL giving a 400% safety factor when lifting the units fully loaded.

From order to delivery, the first 4 sets were available in less than 4 weeks.

Baltic 2 Wind Farm - Offshore Power Units

Manor Marine have produced with their team and suppliers, a bespoke system to supply Temporary Offshore Power for Wind Turbines through the construction and maintenance phases. We are supplying 50 units to Cwind Ltd for use on the Baltic 2 wind farm during construction.


The units are built to be transported offshore and lifted full of fuel to platforms. The design is Type Approved and are individually certified by TUV SUD, complying with EU Rules including the IMDG Code, E13155 (Lifting Attachments) and EN 13852 (General Purpose Offshore Craneage).

The Generator Pod is fitted with ISO corners for ease of lifting and sea fastening. All sets provided have double skinned bunded fuel tanks within the frame and have a 3000litre capacity. All are built and tested to a high standard.

Combined onto the tanks is a control cabinet that houses the TODO fuel filler coupling, overfill prevention valve, Winteb vent, heater control float, leakage alarms and level indicator probes.

On the tank tops, secured to a mounting frame is a 66 KVA generator with CEE socket outputs for 415v and 240V. The 415v is connected to a transformer using an appliance outlet and plug arrangement. The IP 65 transformers convert the 415v power up to 690v providing power to the wind turbine switchboard arrangement.


In addition to the generator pods, Manor Marine have supplied 6 standard transportation frames, adapted to carry two pods with ISO twist locks. Two 25T SWL lifting beams have been manufactured and certified by TUV SUD. These lifting frames are designed to lift the transport frames.

Cable Storage Facility

Manor Marine have constructed a custom cable storage facility for the rapid unloading and storage of all types of marine cable up to 240mm in Diameter. The cable is transferred straight from sea going cable barges into the storage facility.



The cable storage facility contains four bullrings with diameters of 8m, 10m, 13m and 18m. The bullrings are all 3.2m High.



The cable housed in the cable storage area can be removed for recycling using a hydraulically operated horizontal reel system. The reels are hydraulically jacked onto a custom built frame system for the semi-automated layering of the desired cable.


Once the cable transfer has been completed, the reels can then be road transported to a designated work site or recycling centre.

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